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Women and Sports: Not only a boys' game

We found out the opinions of students in the classes of the 1st and 2nd year of our school.




Survey questions:

  1. How many girls and boys practise sport regularly in our school?

  2. Female dominated sports in our school

  3. Female dominated sports in Slovakia

  4. Male dominated sports in our school

  5. How many women and men do sports in our country?

  6. Which sports are most recommended to young girls and boys?

  7. Which sports are most viewed in our country?

  8. Why are there differences between male and female dominated sports in Slovakia?

  9. Differences between countries

  10. Do you think female sport practice should be encouraged?

  11. What would you propose to do so?




All results are shown in this presentation


We researched students' attitudes in 3 classes of the 10th Grade of the 4th General High School of Rhodes. A total of 69 students participated in this survey in which 41 were girls and 28 were boys.

All results are displayed in this presentation

Students created posters

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