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C1. Spain: 27-31 March 23

The last mobility of the project was aimed at putting into practice everything we've learned in the project, while celebrating our shared passion for sports and the traditions that make our different birthplaces different and at the same time similar. For five days, we took part in activities that claim the

Day 1
Ongi Etorri.png


 On the first day all students were hosted at the school. After a welcome ceremony, we gather together to take part on several activities to promote sports practice among students. We also celebrated the Day of European Authors, with presentations about our own national authors and activities to encourage reading and the protection of our culture. 

Day 2

On the second day, we visited Bilbao for some cultural and sports activities. First, we visited the most relevant sights of the city and its culture. Then we went for kayaking in the river. All students and teachers had great fun discovering the city while enjoying sports!

Day 4


Erasmus+ guide to Donostia-San Sebastian. Our students visited the beautiful city of San Sebastian and acted as tour guides to explain the different sights and traditions of the city.​

Day 3


Pentathlon at School. 

All country partners took place in a series of competitions with traditional sports from all countries! We also created a series of activities to promote these sports and their practice!

San Sebastian.png
Day 5


​Sports indoors-Sports oudoors

Back to school we all took part in a series of debates and discussions over the the importance of practising sports and preserving European Traditions.

After drawing conclusions we all took part in a gymkhana in a zipline forest park Sopuerta Ventura. That was a fun ending for our mobility in Spain!

It was an amazing week, we made long lasting relationships and got tons of great memories  back home.

We are looking forward to seeing you again! 

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