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C2. Turkey: September 19-23 2022, Yenimahalle Park Final Okulları

Yenimahalle Park Final Okulları, Türkiye hosted participants from Greece, Slovakia and Spain during the week of September 19-23 2022. Students had the opportunity to learn about Turkish culture and each other through presentations, activities, and games.

Day 1


  • Host students welcomed the participants with zumba dance and sport activities.

  • We watched some documentaries of Traditional Turkish Sports and student gave presentations about the sports that they do.

  • Participants went cycling tour around Eymir Lake, Ankara. Everybody rented a bicycle and put EU and Project logo flags on the bicycles and toured around the lake.

Day 2


  • Traditional games/sports feast: we started with Traditional Folk Dance which is an ancient and oldest but still popular among people. Some sportive corners (booths) were opened in the school garden and students promoted traditional games and sports in each, students of partner schools played games and got involved. 

  • Students visited The Traditional Sports Complex and learned about traditional sports. They experienced archery and horseback riding.

Day 4


  • Started the day with zumba.

  • A half day trip to Beypazarı, in this small and historical town, students visited a museum named ‘Vital Museum of Traditional Games’. Turkey’s first Operative Museum including workshops for children and teaching them traditional games and presenting Turkish cultural Life samples.

  • Students also visited The Nation’s Library


All the activities were completed with the participation of all students from partner countries. Students made a lot of unforgettable memories and new friendships. They raised their awareness about the importance of the sports that bring people together and learned about the different traditional sports and games.

Day 3


  • We organized a full day trip to Eskisehir city. Students visited a horse farm, and rode a horse. Visited the old town, Odunpazarı, Wax museum and Sazova Park

Day 5


  • On the last day of our mobility in Ankara, we visited the old town and Ankara Castle, had a farewell lunch.

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