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P3. Active lifestyle: Do you practise sports?

Questionnaire form: Active lifestyle: Do you practise sports? How much sport do you practise per week? Students will discuss the practice of sports among teenagers in their class and will prepare a form to gather data from their counterparts in the other schools


Since all lessons and meetings are online in Greece, we made a google doc-questionnaire to find out if students at 4th GEL Rodou practice sports and what's the effect in their lifestyle.

We translated the questionnaire in English so you can read it:


The 12-13 years old French students talked about their favourite sports, the sports they often practise and appreciate, in a local club, an association, at home, with friends or family, alone or at school...

Here are the results of 2 brainstormings: English and Spanish versions...

The students also talked about the specific conditions of their practises:


Students created a questionnaire to find out the views of their classmates on an active lifestyle.136 students answered the questionnaire.


We run a survey among our students to check and reflect on their sport habits and their lifestyle.

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