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C1. Rhodes: March 14 -18, 2022, 4th GEL Rodou

During the week of March 14 -18, 2022, 4th GEL Rodou welcomed teachers and students from Turkey and Spain, as part of the ErasmusKA229 project “Traditional Sports for Integration and Equality in Europe”. Students and teachers from Slovakia and France participated online, when possible, since they couldn’t travel to Rhodes due to CoViD restrictions.

Students and teachers had the opportunity to come together and get to know the culture of Greece  through the implementation of different activities

Day 1

Day 1 (Monday 14/03/2022, location 4ht GEL Rodou)

  •   Presentation of their home cities and schools by each partner

  • Students create a welcome poster with photos and phrases of every participant

  •   Creation of a digital map of the traditional sports of Europe with useful information about them and their history.

  • Presentation of a traditional sport by each partner and playing the game at the schoolyard in mixed teams

Day 3

Day 3 (16/3/2022, location Lindos, Apollakia)

  • Visit at the Apolakia Lake for several sports activities in and by the lake. Sports were compined with an environmental tour through the NATURA area which hosts many rare and endemic plants.

  • Guided tour to the Acropolis of Lindos and a nice walk in the traditional village of Lindos.

Day 2

Day 2 (15/3/2022, location Rhodes city )

  • Role play at the Ancient Stadium and the Acropolis of Rhodes where Olympic Games were played among students

  • Visit at the Aquarium of Rhodes

Day 4
Day 5

Day 5 (18/3/2022, location 4th GEL Rodou)

  • Interview with Dr. Hatzidiakou Despina, former athlete and champion. Students were given the opportunity to discuss with her issues related to gender discrimination and the difficulties that every woman is facing when trying to meet the demands of her multiple roles as an athlete, mother and professional.

  • Create a farewell poster & video

Day 4 (17/3/2022, location Rhodes city & Medieval Town)

  • Visit at the Municipality of Rhodes, where they were welcomed by the deputy mayor Mr. Taraslias Kostas and the public relations manager Mrs. Karabini Maria.

  • Guided tours of the archaeological sites and museums of Rhodes (archaeological museum and the Grand Master’s Palace).

  •   Lost Treasure Game in the Medieval City of Rhodes aiming to understand and consolidate historical and cultural elements.


All activities were completed successfully in harmonious cooperation. All participants managed to develop friendly relations, spending quality and creative time together, getting to know the customs of other countries and cultivating various skills. All participants enjoyed this mobility, realizing the value of diversity but also the fact that sports are a way of communication that unites all people.

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