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C4. Slovakia: 

13the – 17th February, 2023, the fourth project meeting was held at the Secondary Medical School on Moyzesova Street in Košice, Slovakia. The project meeting was attended by students and teachers from Greece, Spain, Turkey and Reunion. The main topic of the meeting was gender equality in sport.

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Day 1


After the traditional Slavic welcome with bread and salt, the official opening of the project meeting was on the agenda. The presentations of the individual countries were followed by a tour of the school during which our partners could practically try out activities related to individual fields of study. Our students of the Nutrition Assistant course prepared a presentation on the topic of Healthy nutrition for athletes.

After a tour of the city, during which the participants of the meeting also looked at the statue of the marathon runner, which marks the official start of the largest sports event in the city of Košice, the Košice Peace Marathon, we took part in a bowling competition of international teams.

Day 2


The participants visited the Ice House on Hrebienk in the High Tatras and Štrbské Pleso winter ski resort, where they tried sledding and walked on a snow-covered frozen lake.

The trip also included a discussion with Pavol Hurajt, the olympic bronze medalist in biathlon in Vancouver 2010.

Day 3


Caving also belongs to outdoor sports. We had prepared a tour of the Domica cave, which is the largest cave in the Slovak Karst. It ranks among the caves of world importance. 

In the House of Betliar Museum, which served primarily as a hunting residence of the Andrássy family,  our visitors became familiar with the history of our region.

We organized a sports evening, during which the best netball players from Košice, both women and men,  multiple world and European champions, presented netball and gave a demonstration of this sport. Our successful students in karate and badminton also shared their successes. Students from partner countries played netball and badminton.

Day 4


We started the day with a yoga class. We visited the winter recreation center Jahodna, which is located near the city of Košice. Under the guidance of ski instructors, the participants of the meeting tried cross-country skiing, sledding and tobogganing were also fun.

The evening was marked by dancing. The introductory program, in which local students presented Slovak folk dances and songs, was followed by a folk dance school led by experienced dancers. An evening full of dance, in which guests from all partner countries presented their national dances, cemented the strong bond of friendship that had been formed between students and teachers throughout the week

Day 5


On the last day of mobility, students climbed more than 160 steps to climb the north tower of St. Elizabeth's Cathedral. Their reward was a nice view of the city of Košice.

In the most modern trampoline park in Slovakia, JUMP ARENE, they jumped on trampolines, learned to jump in different styles, and had a lot of fun.

 We experienced an unforgettable week together. For several participants of the meeting, the greatest experience was the snow and all the activities associated with it. They learned about and tried winter sports that were completely new to them. The students of our school, who participated in all the activities, were an integral part of the whole meeting. The language of communication was English, but even more important was a smile, a good mood, trying to get to know each other, respect each other and be friends with each other.

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