Since 12 th October we have been teaching online. During online PE lessons our students have discussed the benefits of exercising, doing sports and practising healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise is very important, especially in this time of pandemic, when students spend most of their time sitting at the computer.


Some of the many benefits of sport participation for teenagers include: 

  • We won´t be fat and will have better immunity

  • Sport is a part of a healthy lifestyle

  • One of the reasons is that the physical, but also mental side will improve

  • Exercise is healthy for the body, after exercise a person feels better than sitting at the TV,

  • You breathe better and you have more energy for other activities.

  • For better body, in order to eat more and not gain weight. 

  • I think we should exercise because it´s good for our health and everyone needs to relax somehow

  • Because exercise is important for keeping ourselves fit

  • In order to feel better and have healthier lifestyle 

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One of the tasks during online learning was to make a video, where students show their physical activities.